Phytoair purifies gray wastewater from 250 people at SuperLOCAL (Kerkrade NL)

H.he innovative area developmentproject SuperLOCAL focuses on the theme 'Reclycle City'. High-rise flats from the 1960s are partly demolished but also reused for the construction of approximately 130 new homes and the layout of the public area in Bleijerheide (Kerkrade-East). Rietland is contributing to this by placing a Phytoair of 85m² that will purify gray water from 250 people. Energy is extracted from the black water.


Client Limburg Water Board (WBL)
Address Voorterstraat 253, Kerkrade NL
Dimensions 85m² = 10.5mx 8m
Target To treat gray household waste water from 250 people in a neighborhood.