At the end of 2019, Rietland and a number of partners submitted a project application to Flanders Circular for a project on waste water purification and reuse in the recreation sector. The grant was awarded. Very good news!

But then it went wrong: the holiday park where the system was planned had to refrain from participating due to circumstances. But the subsidy can be used for a similar project in Flanders.

So we are looking for a happy recipient!

What kind of project is it?

It concerns wastewater treatment for a holiday park with the reuse of the purified water for toilet flushing. The water treatment is carried out via a Phytoparking, our environmentally friendly water treatment under a green parking lot.

What exactly is subsidized?

The costs for the reuse part are borne by Vlaanderen Circulair, up to an amount of € 100,000, of which approximately € 60,000 is provided for the technological implementation and € 40,000 for monitoring, research and publicity.

What does that mean for the recipient?

The reuse of treated wastewater not only contributes to the environment, but also provides additional cost savings (on discharge levy and the water bill). Our customers say that natural water purification also functions as a green calling card for their company. A Phytoparking is a water-permeable parking space (so less paved surface and no loss of space) and gives a high-quality treatment result at very low annual costs.

What exactly are we looking for in a candidate?

  • A holiday park or similar project in the recreation sector (or closely related to this),
  • without connection to the sewer system (e.g. in the rural area), which wants / must construct a water purification in 2020/2021,
  • of comparable size (approx. 600 IU),
  • that can be implemented relatively quickly: the subsidy must be spent in 2020/2021, the project must be completed by the end of 2021 at the latest (including the 6-month monitoring)

Who will help us to find the right recipient of this € 100,000 bonus?

For questions and suggestions please contact us on tel. 03/294 02 65 or email us at

Click here for more information about the subsidized project.