Rietland's Phyto series

Constructed wetlands or reed beds are ecological waste water treatment systems. Wastewater is treated mainly by bacteria that form a biofilm on plant roots and substrate (such as clay granules). International research shows that these reed beds are the most reliable and environmentally friendly water purification systems. This is due to the variation between oxygen-rich and low-oxygen zones as well as because of the typical characteristics of natural treatment systems:

  • low energy consumption

  • very robust treatment (little malfunctions)

  • minimal maintenance requirement

  • long service life (few parts susceptible to wear)

By adding extra oxygen to the filter bed of the wetland, the filter's treatment efficiency increases tenfold and reduces the required area of the filter by a factor of 4–6. The Phyto series developed by Rietland, therefore only requires an area of 0.75 m² per PE (person equivalent). This proven technology is a combination of the patented aerated reed beds - Forced Bed Aeration (FBA®) - technology from Naturally Wallace Consulting (USA) and the two-stage system of Rietland in which the wastewater flows first through a vertical filter and then through a horizontal one. The Phyto series consists of Phytoair, Phytoparking and Phytocube. 

The Phyto series is equipped with an intelligent control that automatically adjusts the aeration to the amount of wastewater that is treated. As a result, energy consumption is further optimized and the Phyto series can be used flexibly for varying loads and different types of waste water: domestic waste water, industrial waste water, for example from the food and beverage industry, organic chemistry, projects for soil remediation and waste water flows from the agro sector. Companies can reduce investment costs because they can save on the discharge or treatment taxes. This means a payback time of only 4 years can be achieved for larger projects.

Due to the alternation between oxygen-rich and oxygen-poor zones, there is also a rich variation in bacterial life. Thus also pathogens and even difficult-to-degrade substances, such as drug residues are removed efficiently . This makes the Phyto series interesting as post-treatment at WWTPs, health care facilities, nursing homes and hospitals. In addition, the clear, colorless and odorless water can be reused for flushing toilets.

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In addition to the Phyto series Rietland also places classic reed beds. The horizontal and vertical subsurface flow wetlands as well as surface flow wetlands are included in the design to achieve intended purification goals. These design combinations make it possible to treat a variety of types of wastewater.

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