Scott Wallace, owner of this American company, is an expert in aerated reed beds. The patented 'forced bed aeration' concept makes it possible to treat more heavily loaded types of wastewater in an energy-efficient and natural way.
GWT is an association of 11 partners who are active in constructed wetlands worldwide. Rietland bvba is one of the founding members of this organization. Together we can work out solutions for any situation in which a wetland is a suitable option. Around the world. For many applications.
Ingenieurbüro Blumberg is one of the oldest specialist companies involved in wastewater treatment and sludge dewatering with reed beds. Rietland bvba already enjoyed working with them on various projects.

Our permanent contractor Cofrax is often involved in our projects. Both for the construction of sewers, the installation of wells and the construction of reed beds. They also take care of the production and installation of the Phytocube system.

Our Chinese partner DeHua Ecotech, with whom we realized various projects for the purification of canal water with Phytoair® systems.