Pond filtration built at Tour & Taxis Brussels

In the summer of 2022, we built a beautiful system at Tour & Taxis to purify the pond water of three circular ponds. Six sickle-shaped riparian zones are arranged as aerated...

Phytoair as a pre-treatment for industrial water at Dow Terneuzen

In 2019, Rietland installed two aerated reed beds on the pilot location of chemical company Dow in Terneuzen. One reed bed treats the waste water of Dow's wastewater treatment plant. The other wetland treats ...

Phytoparking treats wastewater from soccer club

In the Brabant town of Heesch, we recently installed a Phytoparking system. The gray water of the locker rooms and canteen of the HCVH soccer club will soon be treated here. The Phytoparking ...

First Phytoair systems completed in China!

In 2018, the first aerated constructed wetland, type Phytoair, was installed for a canal project in Kunshan - China. This system treats the water of a canal that runs through the city. In this...

No space for a wetland system?

What if natural water treatment takes up less space than you think? Rietland, a specialist in wastewater treatment with reed fields since 1994, presents two new ...

Manure processing project with aerated reed bed in Italy

At the end of 2016 / beginning of 2017, an aerated reed bed was installed at SASA srl in Rovere Veronese (Italy) for processing the thin fraction of pig manure. Dion van Oirschot designed together with ...
Wastewater treatment with constructed wetlands
Constructed wetlands or treatment wetlands treat wastewater through an optimal combination of natural processes and intelligent technology.
Low energy consumption, efficient and robust treatment, minimal maintenance requirement and long service life, a green business card!
Industrial, Household, Agricultural
Proven technology for F&B industry, office buildings, residential areas, agricultural companies, sewer overflows, sludge dewatering, etc.

RietLand bvba is a leading company that has been involved in the design and construction of natural treatment systems with plants since 1994.

Worldwide RietLand has successfully built hundreds of constructed wetlands for the treatment of waste water from homes, companies and in the agricultural sector. Rietland is the only European company with the European CE label for constructed wetlands, which resorts under the Belgian BENOR certificate. Furthermore, we are the only company in the Benelux to offer the patented FBA (Forced Bed Aeration ®) type of reed bed: an advanced aerated wetland that achieves spectacular treatment results on a minimal surface. Read more about it in Products.

Rietland works with partners all over the world through Global Wetland Technology, (GWTand we can rely on the expertise of the world's most renowned specialists in the field of water purification with plants. In this way we can offer you the perfect sustainable solution for your waste water or sewage sludge and design the most advanced, high-efficiency water purification systems with the lowest ecological footprint.

Discover how we can also solve your wastewater problem

Treatment wetlands are gaining popularity as a solution to a wide range of wastewater problems. Although reed beds have become known for their use as local treatment systems for remote homes, the systems are also increasingly being used for treatment of industrial waste water and for the agricultural sector.

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