Kunshan – China: kanaalwater-zuivering in Aquarama

Kunshan - China: canal water purification in Aquarama

Rietland made the front page of the Belgian trade magazine Aquarama with a project in China. In Kunshan (Suzhou Province), an aerated reed bed was constructed as part of the larger purification project to make the 'black channel' completely clear again ...
Innovatie Rietland: Phytoparking in Aquarama

Innovation Rietland: Phytoparking in Aquarama

The brand new, innovative Phytoparking system combines natural wastewater treatment with parking space. Read all about it in this article recently published in Aquarama. Download (PDF, ...
Onderzoek verwijdering medicijnresten

Investigate drug residue removal

Hannele Auvinen, PhD student from Ghent University, conducted research into the removal of drug residues from wastewater with aerated reed beds. With very good results. An article about her research was published in Aquarama. Download (PDF, ...
Frupeco bespaart stevig op lozingsheffing met belucht rietveld

Frupeco saves heavily on discharge charges with aerated reed beds

Fruit processing company Frupeco in Lendelede in West Flanders, had us install a Phytoair (aerated reed field). 40 m³ of wastewater is purified from the company here every day. This provides significant savings in the discharge charge that the company otherwise ...
Nieuwe Phytoair bij school en zorginstelling

New Phytoair at school and healthcare institution

At the Kristus Koning secondary school in Brecht (B) and the care home for the disabled Huize Walden in Westmalle (B), a Phytoair (aerated helophyte filter) was installed twice in the spring of 2017. You can read all about it in the article below. ..
Belucht rietveld bij kaasmakerij De Moerenaar

Aerated reed field at De Moerenaar cheese factory

In September 2016, we installed an aerated reed bed at De Moerenaar cheese factory in Veurne. The system treats the wastewater from the dairy farm and from the cheese factory. You can read more about it in this article. Download (PDF, 242KB) ...
Hotels kiezen voor rietvelden

Hotels choose reed beds

An aerated reed bed was constructed at two hotels in 2016. The project at Novotel Antwerp was later awarded the Green Destinations Award. Further attention for the project at the Corsendonk hotel in Oud-Turnhout. Download (PDF, 3.73
AquaReuse project

AquaReuse project

In December 2014, Rietland constructed this reed bed for the AquaReuse project. Wastewater from a number of greenhouse horticulture companies is treated here and recycled as irrigation water for the crops. Download (PDF, 3.41
Zuivering groentenwaswater bij Kruisberghoeve

Purification of vegetable washing water at Kruisberghoeve

At the Kruisberghoeve in Arendonk, the washing water from potatoes and carrots, among other things, is purified in an aerated reed bed. Then it is used again for the last wash. The purification system consists of a lamella separator for sand removal ...