The Phytoparking represents a new step in the development of the Phyto series where there is a parking space on top of the Phytoair . Like in the Phytoair system, also the basin of the Phytoparking is filled with expanded clay granules, on which bacteria that treat the wastewater grow. Research has shown that the purification processes in the basin also work perfectly without reed plants, if the bacteria are supported and intensified by the addition of extra oxygen. A pressure-distributing layer with a covering turf grid is applied on top of the basin, in which different versions are possible.

The standard version of the Phytoparking as a parking space, has a capacity of 15 PE (person equivalent) per parking space of 2.50 x 5.00 m. Multiple parking spaces can be placed in parallel or in series to give the system a greater capacity or to meet special discharge requirements.

The Phytoparking has a minimal ecological impact and can be effortlessly integrated into the environment. As a parking lot, as a park or sun meadow. The possibilities are endless. The most ecological water purification on the market no longer takes up any space in this way.

Advantages of the Phytoparking

  • Space-saving: parking space or multifunctional surface (summary: ditto above)

  • Low annual costs due to no sludge removal, low energy consumption and only 1 maintenance per year

  • Suitable for varying loads and peak discharges

  • Can also be used as an infiltration facility for rainwater


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