The Phytoair consists of a basin filled with expanded clay granules (Argex) that is irrigated with waste water. At the bottom of the basin are aeration pipes that bring air into the wastewater and mix in the system. At the end of the basin, the purified waste water is collected through a drain pipe that flows into an overflow pit. The whole is sealed from the substrate by means of a strong foil.

The Phytoair is ideal for medium-sized projects such as residential areas or groups of homes, business parks, hotels, care homes, hospitals, schools and companies. Due to the high purification efficiency, it is possible to use Phytoair upscaled to more than 1000IE.

Advantages of the Phytoair

  • Purifies black and gray household wastewater and various types of industrial wastewater
  • Low annual costs due to no sludge removal, low energy consumption and only 1 maintenance per year
  • Very fast start-up: the discharge requirements are already met after two weeks
  • Suitable for varying loads and peak discharges

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