The Phytocube is the plug and play variant of the Phytoair. These modular basins of 3 m³, in the standard version (2,38 X 1,58 x 1,32 m), have a capacity to treat the waste water of 5 - 6 persons. Multiple basins can be placed in parallel or in series to give the system greater capacity or to meet special discharge requirements. As with all variants of the Phyto series the bacteria take care of the purification process and adhere to the porous argex granules as well as to the roots of the plants. The planting is possible in different versions so that the Phyto-cube can be integrated effortlessly into the garden furnishings.

The Phytocube is preceded by a septic tank as pre-treatment with an integrated pump chamber. From here the wastewater is pumped to the purification basin. The pump and the air blower are controlled by a control system developed by Rietland that has the necessary alarm functions and a holiday button so that the system does not use unnecesary energy during absence.

Advantages of the Phytocube

  • Fast installation as a plug-and-play system with limited excavation work

  • Low annual costs due to no sludge removal, low energy consumption and only 1 maintenance per year

  • Finishing can be adapted to the garden design

  • Modular expandable

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