Phytoparking at football club in Bernheze (NL)

Shower water and waste water from canteen purified by Phytoparking in Bernheze (NL)

The municipality of Bernheze was looking for ecological water treatment to treat the wastewater for the football club located in the rural area. The gray wastewater from changing rooms and canteen is purified by a Phytoparking of 18sqm. The operation of the Phytoparking can be monitored in real-time, while pumps and blowers can be switched on or off remotely.

A article you can find out about this project on this website.


Client Municipality of Bernheze and Football club HCVH
Dimensions 18 sqm
Target Purify domestic waste water (gray) from canteen and showers
Other Report on waste water treatment process of football club HVCH