Velodrome reuses treated wastewater

Flanders has a new velodrome. Initiator and former cyclist Marc Wauters is very happy with the realization of the cycling track that is worthy of the European and World Championships.

Because there was no sewerage in this wooded area, the gray wastewater is treated with a Phytoair of 90m² purified and reused for toilet flushing. The black water is not treated because there was no stream nearby to discharge the treated wastewater. That is also the reason why a demand-driven purification system was chosen for the gray wastewater. Only when there is demand, gray wastewater is purified via the reed field. The excess gray water, which cannot go to the toilet flush, is pushed along with the black water via a pressure pipe to the sewerage system 450 m away.

The Phytoair is subject to varying loads. During the week, the Phytoair will process a lot of shower water from athletes, but during the weekend the water use is mainly limited to the toilet visit of spectators. The large difference in water demand for toilet flushing is absorbed by buffer tanks.

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Client: Jan Geebelen of main contractor Houben
Address: Kerkstraat 151, 3550 Heusden-Zolder
Dimensions: 90m²
Goal: Purify gray water and reuse it for toilet flushing