Demand-driven Phytoair on Ghent University campus

Rietland realized two Phytoair systems for Ghent University. The university decided not to use rainwater for reuse, but to infiltrate the collected precipitation completely for the benefit of nature and the groundwater table. Belgian law prescribes that  all buildings in an urban environment must be connected to the sewer system. In addition, no treated waste water may be discharged into the sewer system. That is why the systems at the university are demand-driven: only the amount of water needed to flush the toilet is treated by the Phytoair .

  1. On the Pharmacie campus, the waste water from the toilets and laboratories is treated in a Phytoair of 60m² for 85 PE.
  2. A Phytoair of 150m² was realized at the Proeftuin campus for treating waste water from toilets and laboratories with a capacity of 200 PE.

For more information, read the article published in Aquarama.


Client: Ghent University
Address: Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 25, 9000 Ghent
Dimensions: Campus Pharmacy: 6m x 10m, Campus Proeftuin: 10m x 15m
Goal: Demand-driven treatment of wastewater from toilets and laboratories, with which the toilets can be flushed.