Demand-driven reuse of treated wastewater at Howest (Kortrijk)

The Phytoair at Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen purifies the waste water of 1300 students and employees every day. The purified wastewater can be used as flushing water for the toilets. Because the school also collects rainwater for reuse, both water supplies are coordinated. When the rainwater well is full, the toilets flush with rainwater and the untreated waste water runs to the sewerage system. In a dry period, the wastewater is purified by the Phytoair and used as a toilet flush. As a result, no drinking water is used, even in dry periods. This 28m x 9m design is therefore demand-driven.

read more in the publication on the demand-driven Phytoair in Aquarama.


Client West Flanders University College
Address Marksesteenweg 58, 8500 Kortrijk
Dimensions 250m² (28 x 9)
Target To purify domestic (gray and black) waste water from the new campus and reuse it for toilet flushing in dry periods when the rainwater is insufficient.