Phytoair as a pre-treatment for industrial water at DOW Terneuzen

Chemical giant Dow Benelux in Terneuzen produces basic chemicals and plastics. To reduce the water supply of 14 million m³, the aim is to reuse more purified industrial wastewater. In the spring of 2019 Rietland installed 2 Phyto-air systems of 350 m² on the Dow pilot site. The reed beds serve as a pre-purification for membrane technology. The Phyto-air effluent contains less nutrients and micropollutants. As a result, fewer micro-organisms grow on the membranes, which means that the membrane filtration processes will perform better. This leads to less energy and chemical waste.

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Client: Dow Benelux
Address: Herbert H. Dowweg 5, 4542 NM Hoek, The Netherlands
Dimensions: 2 times 28m x 12.5m
Goal: Better performance of the purification process of water technologies (ultra filtration, ion exchanger, reverse osmosis) by pre-treatment of waste water via Phytoair<br /> for industrial applications. <br />