Vertical sub-surface flow wetlands

The vertical flow wetland, is the best known type of reed bed in Belgium and the Netherlands. The wastewater, in this type, is pumped on top of the filter and distributed over the surface by means of a system of distribution pipes. The great advantage of this is that the waste water arrives at a much larger surface area and that this type of reed bed is therefore much less sensitive to clogging than the horizontal sub-surface flow system. In addition, a smaller surface area is sufficient to achieve a perfect treatment result. For domestic waste water, a surface of 3 m² per person is required.

Rietland has had this system extensively tested at Certipro in Mol (B) on the basis of the European EN 12566/3 standard. This makes Rietland the only company with a European quality mark on a reed bed system and is allowed to carry the CE label on the vertical flow system. Several hundred CE-labeled systems have now been installed in Belgium and the Netherlands.

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