3-stage filter at dairy farmer, Hieslum (NL)

Dairy cattle flushing water and camping sanitary, purified by vertical filter, horizontal filter and flow field, Camping Heeres, Hieslum (NL)

In the 1990s, Heeres dairy farm generated extra income from 'camping at the farm'. Rietland therefore installed a three-stage reed bed in 1995, treating both the rinsing water from the milking installation and the sanitary facilities from the campsite. The vertical (40m²) and horizontal (120m²) helophyte filters were filled with gravel. The last staircase was a flow area of 100m².

Due to the great recreational success, the dairy farm was transformed in 2001 into a campsite with 25 pitches and 10 chalets. The farm has switched to the rearing and storage of young cattle. Although the company has opted for a new business, Rietland's 3-stage helophyte filter continues to purify the wastewater.




Client Heeres
Address Idserdaweg 4, 8762 PM Hieslum
Dimensions Percolation reed field 40m², horizontal filter 120m², flow field 100m²
Target Purify milk rinse water and household waste from camping guests.
Other Dairy farmer becomes camping owner. Helophyte filter now cleans household waste from camping.