Combination of Phytoair and surface flow wetlands treats nutrient-rich drainagewater of Orchid greenhouse (BE)


MicroflorMicroflor is an orchid grower in Lochristi that purifies its waste water from greenhouse plants via reed beds. Many nutrients are added to the water in the greenhouses so that the orchids can develop well. Because the plants do not absorb everything, the wastewater mainly contains high concentrations of nitrogen and phosphorus. By combining different types of reed beds, Rietland realizes an effluent that meets the legal requirements. The waste water flows through 2 Phytoairs (20m² and 40m²), 3 fluid fields totaling 500m² and basins filled with tobermorite to bind phosphate.

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Client: Microflor
Address: Lichtelarestraat 87, Lochristi
Dimensions: Phytoair 20m² (4x5); Phytoair 40m² (8x5); Liquid fields (125m², 125m² and 250m²); 4 basins for phosphate binding
Objective: To purify drain water from the drainage of an orchid grower in a natural way, rich in nitrogen and phosphorus but low in carbon.