Vertical flow-through helophyte filter in Polderdrift (NL)

Vertical flow-through helophyte filter for residential area Polderdrift, Arnhem (NL)


Rietland placed a vertically flooded reed bed (230m²) for the treatment of gray wastewater from the Polderdrift district in Arnhem. This housing association pays attention to the human dimension and the environment. This translates into reuse of the effluent from the helophyte filter for toilet flushing and rainwater recovery for washing machines. The filter was sized at 80IE for a neighborhood of 40 homes.

Client: Residential Association Polderdrift: Stichting Portaal
Address: Residential Association Polderdrift, Hans Tiemeijerhof, Arnhem, Netherlands
Dimensions: 230 m² for 80 IU
Purpose: To purify gray and black domestic waste water.