Phytoparking at Argex office, Kruibeke (BE)

Phytoparking purifies sanitary waste water from Argex office, Kruibeke (BE)

At the Argex office building in Kruibeke, Rietland has a Phytoparking constructed to purify the sanitary waste water of 40 employees. This purification is placed under 2 parking spaces (25m²). The analyzes show that the removal rates for BOD, COD and particulate matter are all above 90% and that the legal discharge requirements are easily met.

A article about this project is available on our website.


Client Argex
Address Kruibeeksesteenweg 162, 2070 Zwijndrecht
Dimensions 25 m² (2 parking spaces)
Target Phytoparking for sanitary (black) waste water from the office with 40 employees.