Purification of laundry water by Phytoair

Laundry Tony is located in a residential area close to the Dutch border. They discharged a volume of 50 m³ of waste water from the laundry and 500 liters of sanitary waste water from staff into the sewer system every day. By installing its own treatment plant, Wasserij Tony can make substantial savings on the discharge tax. There was one Phytoair built of 405m², with attention to the difficult-to-process fraction of fluff. After all, the fluff can clog the reed bed, but this is not a problem due to the aeration and an adapted design. The first sampling shows good results.

Parameters unit Result Jan 16, 2024
Suspended solids mg / L <2.0
BOD mg / L <3
COD mg / L 23.1
Total Nitrogen mg / L <1.0
NH4-N mg / L <0.039
Kjeldahl – N mg / L <1.0
Nitrate mg / L 0.55
Total Phosphorus mg / L 0.12
Chrome mg / L <0.0020
Buyer mg / L 0.018
Lead mg / L <0.0010
Nikel mg/l <0.0057
Zinc mg / L <0.010
Anionic detergents mg / L <0.1
non-ionic detergents mg / L <0.50
Cationic detergents mg / L <0.20


Client: Tony Laundry
Address: Wampenberg 10 A, 2370 Arendonk
Dimensions: 405m²: 27m x 15m
Objective: treat industrial waste water from laundry (difficult lint fraction) and discharge it into the stream