Cooling and purification in urban environments through a green roof (= riparian plant roof)

For the project H2pOweRietland has built a combination of different types of reed fields in an urban environment. Because there is little space in an urban environment, an aerated reed field was built underground (Phytoparking) and a drainage field on the roof. The Phytoparking which dates back to 2018, treats the wastewater of 40 employees on an area of 2 parking spaces (25m²). The purified wastewater is then pumped to the roof where it is treated in a flow field or bank plant roof.

Water quality is researched by the University of Ghent through subsidies from VLAIO (Flemish Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship). VITO was called in to draw up an energy balance. Three green roofs of 50m² have been installed on the roof of the office building: extensive green roof, intensive green roof and bank plant roof. The impact of the various green roofs on cooling the environment in the summer and the benefits for the indoor climate in the building throughout the year is investigated using thematic photos and sensors.

The H2pOwer project looks at the benefits of natural solutions with a focus on circular water use and energy and investigates why these solutions are difficult to gain acceptance in the construction sector. Look at these video for a brief introduction.

Client: Argex
Address: Kruibeeksesteenweg 162, 2070 Zwijdrecht
Dimensions: Phytoparking 25m² + Bank plant roof 50m²
Goal: Purify gray water and reuse it for toilet flushing