Sasa SRL (manure processing)

An aerated reed bed was designed in collaboration with Iridra (Italy) for the purification of the thin fraction of sow manure. The sow manure is first separated via UF membrane filtration and a centrifuge, after which the thin fraction is treated in the reed field. The intention is to add a reverse osmosis in the future to remove the salts (especially chlorides) so that the final purified water can be discharged.

The system has a total surface area of 1,800 m² with 5 individual basins built against a mountainside. The cymbals can be connected in parallel or in series. This is to determine the optimal configuration in the coming years. The first results are very good:

Influent reed field: BOD 6,300 mg / l, COD 9,000 mg / l, N-NH4 2,700 mg / l
Effluent reed field: COD 160 mg / l, N-NH4 <100 mg / l, N-NO3 200 mg / l

COD removal: 98%
NH4-N removal: 96%

Client: SASA srl
Address: Rovere Veronese (Italy)
Dimensions: 1,800 m² (5 basins)
Goal: Purification of the thin fraction of sow manure