Flow field and Phytocube in Woensdrecht (NL)

Post-treatment of waste water from beans & Phytocube at Jansen & Co Groenteverwerking, Woensdrecht (NL)

After expansion, the agro company Jansen & Co Groenteverwerking BV was ready for water purification for the waste water from washed beans. With this investment, they anticipate future higher discharge requirements from the water board. Rietland built a flow field (1200m²) that consisted of 3 basins in series to purify the washing water with a small dirt load in a relatively cheap way (low maintenance, no energy).

In addition, the company also became a Phytocube (3m²) placed to purify the sanitary waste water of the 6 employees of the company.

Client: Jansen & Co Vegetable Processing BV
Address: Martinushoeveweg 3, 4634 PH Woensdrecht
Dimensions: Water level 1200 m², Phytocube 3 m² for 6 people
Goal: To purify dishwater from beans as well as the black water of the employees