Play farm Rucphen does not discharge anything via willow filter

The Phytoair, in operation since 2019, purifies the waste water from the Den Scherpenberg play farm. The 54 m² aerated helophyte filter treats the waste water of 72IE. The effluent from the Phytoair goes to the willow filter where the water evaporates or infiltrates into the soil. The owner does not have to pay a treatment levy because he does not discharge waste water into surface water.

read more about decentralized treatment projects in the STOWA article.



Client Play farm Den Scherpenberg
Address Sommers family Scherpenbergsebaan 53 4715 SK Rucphen, NL
Dimensions 9m x 6m = 54m²
Target Purify household waste water from 72IE through an aerated helophyte filter. Willow filter prevents discharge into surface water.