Reuse effluent Phytoparking camping 't Hof Bellewaerde, Ypres

Caming 't Hof Bellewaerde has one Phytoparking installed by Rietland that separately treats black (32m²) and gray (44m²) waste water. The treated black water is reused for toilet flushing. The campsite also provides its own drinking water by upgrading rainwater. If the campsite is running at full capacity during a hot summer, the amount of rainwater may be insufficient. That is why it is being investigated whether treated gray water can also be upgraded to drinking water.

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Client: 't Hof Bellewaerde
Address: Bellewaerdestraat 2, Ypres
Dimensions: black wastewater 32m² (8x4) & gray wastewater 44m² (8x5.5)
Objective: Earthworks could only be carried out within the existing buildings. Rietland therefore placed a Phytoparking in a covered shed that will now serve as a bicycle shed. In addition, the effluent of black wastewater is reused in the toilet flush and the effluent of gray water can be upgraded to drinking water.