Phytoair in Kristus Koning Brecht (BE)

Rietland places Phytoair for day care and school Kristus Koning in Brecht.

In 2016/2017, a new building with classrooms was built at this secondary school for special education. A reed bed was provided for water purification. But why not immediately purify all wastewater from the entire school institution in the same reed bed? This Rietland proposal was accepted and now a Phyto purifiesair of 360 m² the wastewater of almost 700 students, 300 staff plus the wastewater of a day care center with between 150 and 250 people. A article about this project is available on our website.

Client: BuSO Kristus Koning
Address: Bethaniënlei 5A, Sint-Job-in-'t-Goor
Dimensions: 360 m²
Goal: Purification of sanitary waste water at school and day care