Phytoparking for domestic wastewater of boarding school, St Job in 't Goor (BE)

Door the increase in the number of pupils at school and boarding school, the school for special education Kristus Koning has started a new construction project. Rietland bvba placed a Phyto hereparking for 48IE. This is an aerated helophyte filter of 9m40 by 4m on which permeable pavement with grass troughs has been placed. The entire car park has 18 parking spaces, 4 of which are used for water treatment. In this project, it was decided to place the pumping station and the septic tank also under the car park. As a result, the school does not lose valuable ground and the waste water is purified before it is discharged into the surface water.

Phyto parking Kristus Koning

Client: Kristus Koning, school for special education
Address: Bethaniënlei 5, 2960 Sint-Job-in-'t-Goor
Dimensions: 9.40m x 4m
Goal: To purify domestic waste water from boarding school