Percolation field purifies sanitary water park Provinciedomein Huizingen

Provincial domain Huizingen

Sanitary water in the Huizingen provincial domain, purified by the rietveld percolation (BE)

The provincial domain Huizingen is a park garden of a 19th century castle with recreational possibilities such as mini golf, walking, rowing, swimming, etc. For the visitors there is a sanitary building in the park. This black wastewater (30 IU) is passed through 2 percolation reed beds (90m²) purified. The effluent from the reed field runs through a meandering stream to the pond. Another part of the effluent is post-purified by an RO (reverse osmosis) membrane and offered as drinking water via a drinking water fountain. The percolation reed bed is included in the environmental design and is part of an educational path on the water cycle. The environmental design and implementation were provided by Pronatura, a company that employs people in the social economy.

Client: Province of Flemish Brabant
Address: Torleylaan 100, Huizingen
Dimensions: 90 m² in two parts of 45 m² each
Purpose: To purify the sanitary waste water from the toilet blocks.