The aerated reed bed that Rietland placed in Jordan in collaboration with UFZ Leipzig was officially opened on Wednesday 26 March 2014. Attendees included the German Ambassador to Jordan and the Jordanian Secretary of State for the Ministry of Water and Irrigation.

In cooperation with UFZ Leipzig, two aerated reed beds were constructed in Jordan. The first system for an extended family home and the second for Princes Rahma University. Both projects are located near the Jordanian capital Amman.

The helophyte filter at Abu Rumman (the owner) has a capacity of 35 IU.

In Jordan, entire families often live in one house, including grandparents, aunts and uncles, and the children. That is why a reed bed for one family is quickly a lot bigger than usual here.

As can be seen in the photo, the aerated reed bed is placed in the middle of an olive grove. A beautiful environment!

The reed bed at Princess Rahma College is much larger. It has a capacity of 400 IU and consists of two subfields of 200 IU each.

One of the components in the construction is the testing of the aeration, which often shows very beautiful bubble patterns (see photo).

The construction of both systems was completed in February 2014. Rietland designed and installed the aeration and manager Dion van Oirschot went on site to install and test them.


The reed beds will be scientifically monitored by UFZ Leipzig in the coming years.