Rietland built a reed field in Wortel near Hoogstraten for the treatment of the liquid fraction of pig manure.

A 1.2-hectare reed bed was built in Wortel, consisting of 22 individual basins. Here, 40 m³ liquid fraction of pig manure is currently treated per day as discharged water. This project is the first trial of a collaboration between Innova Manure from Gistel and Rietland bvba. The first results are excellent.

The system consists of a combination of anaerobic filters, percolation reed beds and flow fields. On the one hand to break down the organic matter, on the other hand to reduce the nitrogen content. Expected values in the effluent: COD <125 mg / l, N total <15 mg / l and P total <2 mg / l.

The system is based on research by the University of Ghent and the experience gained by Innova Manure in five similar projects with manure processing in West Flanders.

Rietland adds his expertise in aerated reed beds to further optimize the system.