We are pleased to bring this extensive book about reed beds for industrial wastewater treatment to your attention. It was written by 93 authors from 22 countries and was edited by Alexandros Stefanakis, MSc. PhD. We are proud to have contributed this book to two chapters through the work of Dion van Oirschot: Chapter 3 “Aerated Constructed Wetlands for Treatment of Municipal and Food Industry Wastewater"(Together with A. Pascual, D. De la Varga, M. Soto, RM Kilian, JA Álvarez, P. Carvalho and CA Arias) and Chapter 9"Dairy Wastewater Treatment with Constructed Wetlands: Experiences from Belgium, the Netherlands and Greece(Together with Christos S. Akratos, Athanasia G. Tekerlekopoulou, Dimitrios V. Vayenas and Alexandros Stefanakis). Enjoy reading!