In the Brabant town of Heesch, we recently installed a Phytoparking system. The gray water of the locker rooms and canteen of the HCVH soccer club will soon be treated here. The Phytoparking is part of the Interreg project, i-Qua, in which innovative decentralized wastewater treatment techniques are tested. "For local wastewater treatment, constructed wetlands have often been considered," says Dion van Oirschot, director of Rietland. “But there is often no space to install these natural water treatment systems, especially in an urban environment. That is why we developed a new concept based on an aerated constructed wetland, but with grass tiles instead of reed. In this way, the system no longer takes up space. One parking space is sufficient for 16 persons. ” Rietland has now patented the Phytoparking system. “In 2018, we already installed a system at Argex. There, the toilet water from their office with 40 employees is treated under two parking spaces, ”says van Oirschot. The system there has been in operation for two years now and produces beautifully clear water that amply meets the discharge standards.