Bjartur Swart, responsible for the STOWA for research into decentralized wastewater treatment, visited a play farm Den Scherpenberg in Rucphen, the Netherlands, together with a photographer. In 2019, Rietland installed an aerated constructed wetland, type Phytoair, for the treatment of the sanitary waste water from the toilets and the canteen. The filter is 45 m² in size and can process a maximum of approx. 5,000 liters per day. In quieter periods, the time the air blower runs is automatically adjusted to save energy.

Phytoair® system play farm Den Scherpenberg

Marcel Sommers, owner of Den Scherpenberg, shows the purified wastewater from the Phytoair®


Following the visit, the article below appeared in the magazine “For Info” of the STOWA.

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A special feature of the system at Den Scherpenberg is that the drainage does not go to surface water, but to a willow filter that the owner installed himself. Here a large part of the purified water is evaporated and a part infiltrates into the soil.

Willow filter Den Scherpenberg Rucphen

Willow filter at Den Scherpenberg.